Preparing for an Interview

It’s a fantastic achievement when you’ve applied for a job, to get an interview. They’ve assessed your application and think that you could potentially be a good fit for the role, and have the right skills, experience and qualifications. However, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Next is the interview. They’ll undoubtedly be interviewing other candidates who will have similar skills, qualifications and experience to you. This means that you need to perform well and sell yourself in the interview. We take a look at some simple ways that you can do just that.

Do your research

Whether the job you are going for is an entry level role or a managerial one, research is vital if you are going to successfully sell yourself in an interview. Depending upon the type of role or employer may influence the exact type of research you will do, but the basic research that you should do is to research the restaurant/hotel/venue that you are looking to work at. Who owns it? When was it founded? What is its reputation? Are there any online reviews? If it’s a particularly prestigious restaurant, you may want to research the head chef and learn more about them. In short, the more research you can do, the better. It’s a great way of differentiating yourself from other candidates.

Make it clear that you want the job

One of the biggest frustrations for hiring managers is when they bring what they thought was a strong candidate in for interview and they don’t seem very interested in the job. It’s therefore essential that you make it clear to your interviewer(s) that you really want the job in question. There are two ways to do this, verbally and non-verbally. Verbally is quite simple, tell them that you want the job! But it’s also important that you are aware of your non-verbal communication, also known as body language. You could be giving excellent answers to your interviewer’s questions, but if your body language isn’t right, it could be saying other things to your interviewer such as “I’m not really interested”.  So don’t slouch, fidget or avoid eye contact and instead maintain good posture, smile and look your interviewer(s) in the eye. Actions often speak louder than words!

Be their solution

The key to securing the job in question is know exactly what your interviewers want… and give it to them. You need to let them know what they will get out of employing you. What problems you will solve, how you will make their life easier. In some ways, it is worth thinking of yourself as a product and showcasing your features and highlighting your benefits.

Here at Abbey Recruitment, we work with all of our candidates to ensure that they are prepared for their interviews. If you are looking for your next role in the catering industry then get in touch today.