Don’t let recruitment be a headache

Don’t let recruitment be a headache: The benefits of working with a hospitality recruitment agency

The skills shortage in the hospitality industry has long been a cause for concern for employers across London, but with uncertainty about Brexit and other issues has brought the issue into even sharper focus recently.

Recent research by NFU Mutual has revealed that skills shortage is one of the key concerns for hospitality employers, with 45% of employers across the UK citing it. This concern about the skills shortage and subsequent recruitment problems is heightened by worries about the potential economic instability surrounding Brexit, with 47% of respondents citing this as a concern. When asked about their plans for Brexit, 85% of those who felt Brexit would impact the sector made no comment.

Speaking about the research, Darren Seward, hospitality sector specialist at NFU Mutual, said:

“Businesses we are speaking with are stressing the huge importance of EU staff to their operations, with real worry that Brexit will result not only in a smaller pool to recruit from but also skills and talent shortages.

“Some businesses already have plans in place for addressing these challenges – such as working more closely with schools and colleges – but in general, very few businesses appear to have done much planning and preparation for Brexit. While it’s difficult to prepare for an unknown, businesses should at the very least start thinking about how they would manage a changed employment landscape.


How Abbey Recruitment can help

Working with a recruitment partner such as ourselves can help you prepare and cope with the increasing difficulty of recruitment in the hospitality sector.

We save you time, we save you money.

Have you ever sat back and thought about how long it can take to recruit a new member of staff? Firstly there is writing the job description and job advert, then there’s the decision to make as to where to advertise it. Next, you have to wait for people to apply and then there’s the interview stage. Even once you’ve made a job offer, you may have to wait for the candidate to work their notice. Assuming that the candidate you have chosen is a good one and remains with the business, this process could take anything from one month to six months (for more senior hires), though it could be longer if your chosen candidate drops out for some reason or is ultimately unsuitable. Whilst all this is going on, your hotel or restaurant is without a key member of staff. How much money is that costing you?

Working with Abbey Recruitment can significantly speed-up your time-to-hire, lessen the impact on your business and save you both time and money as we have pre-screened, highly qualified and highly experienced staff ready and waiting to help your business.


We get you the best candidates for the job

If you were to advertise on job boards direct, then you are only getting applications from people who are actively looking for a new job. That means you are potentially missing out on lots of people who may be the perfect match but aren’t actively looking on job boards. Thanks to our large network of contacts, we do. These candidates are called ‘passive’ candidates, because they’re not actively trawling the internet for job opportunities and are invisible to companies who recruit directly which means our access to them is priceless. By working with us, you can get access to them too.