Chefs: What do you want from your career?

When planning the next move in your career, you shouldn’t just be randomly applying for jobs that you think you’d like to do. You need to have a plan and a goal that you can work towards. We take a look at some questions you should ask yourself before making your next move.

Where do I want to end up in my career?

What do you want to doing at the peak of your career? What level do you want to be at? Do you want to be a Head Chef? Executive Chef? Owner of your own chain of restaurants? Or maybe you have other priorities. Maybe you’d be happy in a role that gives you plenty of free-time. Or maybe you’d be happy staying at the level you are now. There are no wrong answers, but knowing what your career goal is will help you understand the types of roles you should be aiming for in your job search.

Are you committed to these goals?

Once you have identified what your goals are, are you committed to them, or is it really only just something that sounds good in your head? Lots of people say that they want to achieve something huge, but when it actually comes down to doing the work, they fail to materialize. Really think about what you're going to do. There are no wrong answers here - just answers that are right for you. But whatever they are, they should be ones that you know you can commit yourself to.

What am I passionate about doing?

Work that you care about is work that you will do well. When you do what you love every day, you do it with a passion, a sense of urgency and a real zeal. You won’t find these in a dull and miserable job. Maybe there is a particular type of restaurant you like to work in, a particular type of cooking. It’s important to understand what really motivates you. Passion is the key to finding that one career path that will have you excited to get to work every morning.

Do I need to develop to get where I want?

What is your current skill set? Do you have the required skills and experience to get where you want in your career? Think about what you’ll need for that career end goal you’re working towards. Where can you get these skills and experiences? Take the time to learn these skills and build your experience in order to stay on track. Don’t apply for jobs that you clearly aren’t qualified for, instead, work the jobs that you are qualified for but can offer you the skills and experience that you need in the future.