Are you ready for your job search?

Are you ready for your job search?

Looking for a new role in the hospitality industry? The best ones are highly sought after, which means you need to do everything you can to ensure you have the very best chance of getting them. That means doing your preparation and getting ready for your job search. Here’s some tips to ensure you give yourself the best opportunity of getting an interview and securing the job in question.

Do you know what you want (and are you being realistic?)

Whether you’re taking the first steps in your hospitality career or whether you are a seasoned employee, do you know what sort of job you actually want? It’s important that you look at your own skills, qualifications and experience and focus on the type of job that you want. Just as importantly, you need to be realistic. For example, however good your cooking skills are, if you have very little experience of working in a kitchen, there’s no way you are going to walk into a head chef or even a sous chef role. Understand how your your skills fit into the job market, identify the roles suitable for you and be realistic.

Is your CV updated?

It really is staggering just how many candidates, even those that have many years experience and are highly skilled, fail to update their CV. While a CV alone isn’t going to get you a job, it can secure you an interview. Even if you think that nothing’s changed since you last updated it, you may be surprised. Our skills are evolving continually, and failing to showcase one of them could be the difference between getting an interview of not, and ultimately whether you get the job.

Have you got copies of personal documents, achievements and certificates?

Recruitment can be a fast-paced business, and the very best jobs get filled quickly because restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues cannot afford to be without key staff. If you’ve not got everything you might need during the recruitment process at hand, then it could be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job. Therefore, ensure you have all your identity documents, right to work documentation (if applicable) as well as copies of relevant certificates ready.

Are you being flexible enough in terms of interview times and dates?

It’s essential that you are flexible in terms of when you are available for interview. If you can’t make it, then almost certainly somebody else will. If it’s a job that you really want, then you have to do whatever you can to try and make the interview. That means you may need to use annual leave from your current job and you may have to attend interviews at times that may not be that convenient for you.

Are you communicating well with your recruiter?

Communication with your recruiter is essential.  Keep them updated with what applications you’ve made, if there have been any changes in your circumstances and give them feedback from any interviews you’ve been to that they arranged. The better the communication between you and your recruitment consultant, the sooner you will find the job that’s right for you.